Welcome Series
The welcome series is the perfect automation to welcome new subscribers to your brand. It’s an opportunity to highlight all the aspects that make your brand unique, and tell your brand story to newcomers as you begin to build a genuine relationship with them.
Browse Abandonment
Shopping in person is fun because you can browse different products, get a feel for the brand, and understand what all of your options are. Why not create a similar experience through an email or a text?
This is similar to an abandoned cart email and automation (which we’ll cover next). Abandoned cart emails have long been popular in eCommerce, and browse abandonment emails and automation take this one step further––reminding customers of what they were looking at even if they didn’t put it in the cart.
Abandoned Cart
Let’s say that your customer gets as far as adding an item to their shopping cart—but then they get called away because the baby’s crying or dinner is ready.
the abandoned cart automation populates with dynamic content, like an image of the specific product they added, so each shopper’s card is unique to them and their items.
Other automation that you can consider are...
Post Purchase, Informational, Thank you email, Product Upsell and cross-selling, Customer Review, Customer Win-back, Back-in-stock automation, and more...
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